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Hospice CAHPS

What Makes Us Different

When Pinnacle was founded in 1996, we decided that if we were going to help care providers measure and improve their customer satisfaction levels, then we ourselves would have to have the highest standards for our own satisfaction levels.

How can a company give advice about customer satisfaction, if their own customers are dissatisfied? We operate on the ideal that, no matter what, we always listen and respond to voice of our customer.

Our Satisfaction Scores

As of September 2014, here are our CAHPS® clients' satisfaction levels with us as their CAHPS® Vendor:

  • Likeliness to Recommend Pinnacle to Other Agencies: 95%
  • Overall Satisfaction with Pinnacle Quality Insight: 95%
  • Ease of Use: 98%
  • Pinnacle Compares Favorably to its Competitors: 97%

Phone Interviews

We conduct our Hospice CAHPS® via telephone. We are one of the very few vendors that offer phone surveys. Phone surveys are the best choice for a service that is as personal and sensitive as hospice care.

Phone surveys are also likely to get a higher response rate than mailers.


It's usually assumed that the down side of phone surveys is their price, as they cost more to conduct than mailed surveys. Thanks to our size and experience, however, we are able to offer phone interviews at a very similar price point, sometimes even less expensive, than mailed surveys.

Triggered Supplemental Questions

One of many benefits to offering phone surveys is that we are able to ask supplemental questions that are triggered by certain responses. For example, if the respondent says that they are unlikely to recommend the agency, we can then ask them what the agency could have done in order to instead be highly recommended by them.

Hospice CAHPS
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