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Important Hospice CAHPS® Information

Salt Lake City, Utah, February 2, 2015 - Pinnacle Quality Insight (, Beginning in 2015, Hospice CAHPS will be a necessary piece of the Hospice Quality Reporting Program. If hospice programs choose not to participate in these surveys, Medicare reimbursement will be reduced by 2% in the next year.

There are a couple of great benefits that come with this additional requirement. Obviously there is a lot for hospices to do, however the good thing is this won't result in any major additions to the workload most hospices face everyday. The vendor will be handling the larger load of the work. Also, Hospice CAHPS allows hospices to improve their care, and the services they provide. If a hospice isn't surveying families, or the patient and caregiver experience, implementing this will give a greater understanding of how to care for your patients by gaining knowledge through the perspective of the patients and their families.

It's important that hospices know that they need to choose a vendor that has experience and that is respected. Vendors are responsible for supplying the families with surveys, and giving the information to CMS. You will need to be able to trust your vendor to follow the proper regulations when surveying and submitting this information.

Here is a timeline to follow when implementing the Hospice CAHPS into your hospice care.

  • Beginning in 2015, be sure to choose your vendor. You must choose a CMS approved vendor.
  • In the first quarter of 2015, start testing out this process. The dry run will go from January through March of 2015. You must participate in at least one month of the dry run.
  • You must participate in monthly surveys beginning in April of 2015.

Finally, here are some details in regards to surveying CAHPS

  • If a hospice had 50 patients or less from January 1, 2014, to December 31st, 2014, they can apply for an exemption. If you aren't sure you will be given an exemption, don't risk it and make sure to survey anyway!
  • 2 months after the death of a patient, the survey will be conducted by the CMS approved CAHPS vendor.
  • Surveys can be administered by phone, by mail, or a combination of both.

This new requirement is being implemented for a good purpose. It will begin to set up an environment where there are incentives for excellent care. But most importantly, this will be sure providers are accountable to everyone when it comes to the care offered.

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About Pinnacle Quality Insight: Pinnacle offers customer satisfaction measurement via telephone survey to senior care and hospice providers. Pinnacle's feedback process is based off the idea that healthcare should be evaluated just like it is administered, individually. This process is the easiest way for senior care and hospice providers to understand the voice of their customer. For more information, please contact us.
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